Heroes for Heroes


We at The Perky Nerd want to show our love and support for the real-world heroes abroad so we’ve come up with a simple little plan to give some men and women a little taste of back home.

Heroes for Heroes











How does it work?

You may notice an Ammo Can near our front counter – inside a handful of comics/books/GN’s, etc.  Just drop by the store, collect your items — and then on your way to the check out, grab another book or two — pay for your wares — then drop a book or two in the ammo can!  Just think of the good, delicious Karma coming your way after having done such a noble deed!?

Once the can is full, we bag ’em,  board ’em and ship ’em to a remote military installation where some young men and women do what they do so we can hang out and safely debate the MCU!

As a former US Marine, I would have loved a box of comics to have arrived – and now for the next generation, they will.

The Perky Nerd
USMC – 1999-2003
HMLA – 775