Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee is what keeps the Perky in this Nerd. We have a variety of cold brew rotating in the shop at all times. Here’s some of our favorites that you’ll find daily!

Stumptown Cold Brew is a Portland staple so it’s a MUST have!

The Original Stubby – A Black Cold Brew in a cool bottle (We recommend a vanilla creamer or two and a straw!)









The Chocolate Milk Carton – Cold Brew with Cream, Sugar, and Mocha. Pair it with one of our Lenny & Larry’s Protein Cookies and it’s the perfect adult milk and cookies. We make adulting fun!








The Black Nitro Can – The Stumptown Cold Brew infused with Nitrogen. You get a kick of caffeine and a nice frothy top.

Our local cold brews include Groundwork and Califia Farms.

Groundwork Organic Cold Brew – A Black Brew with a smooth taste that comes in a sleek long neck bottle. Goes perfect with a comic or two.









Groundwork Organic Nitro Can – That unbeatable organic taste with nitrogen takes this cold brew to another level of perky.

The Califia Farms provides an almond milk alternative to energy seekers.

Califia Farms Nitros – Cold brew with almond milk infused with nitrogen in two different flavors. Latte in the white and red bottle. Mocha for those chocolate milk lovers that can’t handle the lactose.

Califia Farms Cold Brew – Cold brew with almond milk wrapped with flavor. We rotate flavors monthly, but Salted Carmel is or best seller and always in stock. Mocha Mexica and Cocoa Noir are the runners up in the flavor department.